Meeting with a divorce attorney for the first time can be scary as you start to navigate through the unknown. Many individuals describe the divorce process as one of the worst/most vulnerable times of their lives, so finding an attorney that you feel comfortable with is very important.

During a consult you may feel as though you don’t even know where to begin. If I had to put myself into the shoes of a potential new client, the following list of questions would be what I would ask:

  1. What is the first step?
  2. Does my case have to go to Court?
  3. What happens if my case ends up going to Court?
  4. What can I do to protect myself financially from the moment the divorce starts?
  5. What financial information do you need from me?
  6. How are assets divided during a divorce?
  7. How is separate property defined?
  8. If children are involved, I would ask for an explanation of custody and parenting time.
  9. Based on my income and the income I know my spouse to make, am I entitled to maintenance?
  10. Based on my income and the income I know my spouse to make, am I entitled to child support?
  11. What are the key things you tell clients not to do during the divorce process?
  12. Who will be responsible for paying my attorney fees; my spouse or me?

These questions are aimed to be more basic questions and as you speak with a divorce attorney your questions will most likely evolve into additional questions. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a good attorney will guide you through the process and always be there to answer any question pertaining to your divorce matter.

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